Student Reviews

We love Mr. Miki! Joseph and Maryrose have been attending class twice a week for almost a year. Joseph had one year of previous instruction in another town. We didn't know what we were missing until we came here. Right from the free trial, and in every class, Mr. Miki has said something to the students to remind us, the parents, to think about the character formation of our children, and confirms our decision to sign up with a program where the teachers understand the reasons behind why we dedicate our time, money, and energy for our children to study martial arts. Self-defense, physical activity, and mental discipline are just the beginning. These are truly "life lesson" classes. Mr. Miki is knowledgeable, inspirational, and attentive to detail. On top of it all, our kids enjoy it! Other activities have come and gone, but karate is still a favorite!

Sheila Doak

Thank you so much for the gift of Karate that you so patiently share. we will miss coming to your class We will continue his lessons in Colorado and we hope he has a great teacher like you!

Christie Davis 

Jonathan's life is very positively impacted by martial arts. He listens to you and takes your words to heart. He is punching and kicking hard in class and takes great pride in his training with you. Thank you. Mr.Miki

Jane Kettering 

I'm Mariah Spence and I have been in Mr. Miki`s Karate class for several weeks. In the time I have attended Mr. Miki`s school I have learned seven different kicks, stretching exercises, Self-defense, and I have so much fun while learning new things. I like karate because I like to watch my progress grow. I look forward to get further in belts and be able to much more.

Mariah Spence 

Thank you Mr.Miki. I appreciate not just yours but the other Black Belts patience. I like the way You explain how and why,(not just telling the class what to do.) I notice how everyone is trying and concentrating but also smiling and enjoying the class. We look forward to coming every week.

Jenny Mcvey

My name is Madison Stribling. I am 11 years old and have attended classes at Milan Fitness Studio for about 4 years now.

I am currently in the Black Belt Club. I want to thank Mr Miki for helping me with my self confidence, increasing my strength and reminding me to just be myself.

Mr Miki always encourages me and all the students to always do our best. 

I would recommend this class to everyone! Thank you Mr Miki.

Madison Stribling 

ADHD/ODD - Bianca is learning how to take/have better self control with this. Mr.Miki, I truly believe that your KARATE class is helping Bianca to channel her situation in a positive way and is helping to build stronger character in her.
Thank You, Mr.Miki,

Cheryl Miller 

Benjamin began martial arts over a year ago and just tested for his advanced brown belt. He is just as excited today about martial arts as he was the first day he started in the white belt class. He was very nervous that first day and then the nerves returned the first day he attended an advanced level class. He thoroughly enjoys being able to attend the advanced classes and was very excited to learn how to count to ten in Japanese. Benjamin has played baseball, basketball and soccer, but martial arts is his all time favorite! Benjamin is very competitive and always wants to do better than the person next to him. Through Mr. Miki’s teachings, Benjamin has learned that he should only worry about himself and not the others around him. Mr. Miki’s passion for martial arts is obvious and he is a great role model. He is always right there on the carpet participating with the students. From a parent’s perspective, we like that Mr. Miki’s classes are very structured. Classes always start and end on time and parents are welcome to stay and watch everything that is taught. We would recommend the Milan Martial Arts & Fitness Studio to anyone interested in martial arts.

Loren & Roxanna Claude 

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