No Benchwarmers Here! Join our FREE TRIAL Program* and find out how we can improve YOUR game!

  There is no better way to find out what the martial arts, and our program are all about than to try it for yourself!

  That’s why we recommend that EVERY student begin with our FREE Trial Program*

The reasons are simple:

  1.  It will give your child the opportunity to try karate for themselves to see if they enjoy it.

  2.  We want parents to see first hand the type of learning environment we have created for our students.  This also allows you to make sure we’re teaching the types of things you want your children to learn.

  We will teach your child some of the basic defensive skills, but more importantly, we’ll review important rules of karate in our FREE TRIAL Program* (like the fact that we don’t kick or punch at our friends).


(New students only*)

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