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We love Mr. Miki! Joseph and Maryrose have been attending class twice a week for almost a year. Joseph had one year of previous instruction in another town. We didn't know what we were missing until we came here. Right from the free trial, and in every class, Mr. Miki has said something to the students to remind us, the parents, to think about the character formation of our children, and confirms our decision to sign up with a program where the teachers understand the reasons behind why we dedicate our time, money, and energy for our children to study martial arts. Self-defense, physical activity, and mental discipline are just the beginning. These are truly "life lesson" classes. Mr. Miki is knowledgeable, inspirational, and attentive to detail. On top of it all, our kids enjoy it! Other activities have come and gone, but karate is still a favorite!


Sheila Doak

Alexa Young, CA

Blue Skies
Our students are our pride and joy, and we always love hearing what they have to say. Milan Martial Arts & Fitness Studio is looking for testimonial letters from our members and their parents. With your permission, we will post your letter on our website in the Testimonial Section. Please include your name and your child's name in your letter. Please send your testimonial letter to the following email address:   INFO@MILANKARATE.COM  We appreciate your support greatly and look forward to hearing from you!
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