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Membership price info

To cancel a membership a 30 day WRITTEN (letter or email) notice is required. Anything less than 30 days notice will result in membership being charged the full monthly rate. No refunds offered, only studio credit applied for future use.

There is no long term  contract, all our memberships are OPEN END(*month to month)


Ages 6 & 7

$ 60 per month 



Ages 8 & UP

$ 79 per month

(2ND MEMBER $50)

(3RD MEMBER $30)

(4TH MEMBER $20)

Private stretching 

30 minutes $50 

50 minutes $70 

Cancelation policy 

All billing changes including but not limited to revocation, cancelation, modification of agreement or temporary freezing of accounts requires a 30 day notice sent via email to  The MEMBER understands that by signing this agreement, MILAN FITNESS STUDIO IS authorized to debit the MEMBER’s account until it is revoked or modified in writing with 30 days notice. Upon MEMBER cancelling, modifying or freezing their membership, the MEMBER’s  account will be billed one final time at the prior rate, as all account changes take 30 days to update. 

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